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Feng Shui



A small personalized booklet

Feng-Shui is an age-old art of Chinese origin which aims to harmonize the environmental energy of a place in such a way as to promote the well-being, health and prosperity of its occupants.

A Feng-Shui analysis of a place is done, in part, thanks to the knowledge of the element number of the inhabitants.

In this little booklet, you will have an overview of your element number with the shapes, colors and materials that suit you, energize you and soothe you.

It's a small tool is perfect for those who have carried out a coaching or an expertise, so you will have your booklet at your fingertips in order to quickly check what is good for you and your family.

This booklet can also be taken out of curiosity, in order to better understand your place. However, the advice and analysis of a professional is recommended in order to have a correctly harmonized place.

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