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Other services

In this section you will find other services plus specific.

Space clarification

Erase the memory of a place? Bring dynamism and energy to your living?

YES, this (and many other things) is made possible by energetic clearing also called space clearing. 

Clarification acts as a bioenergetic cleaning that cleans all that our "engines" emanate and create as an agglomeration of energy deposits in our living and working spaces.

We constantly take on the residue of everything around us. The positive of course and fortunately! But also the negative such as anger, suffering, jealousy, conflicts, slander... In fact, we create and experience these phenomena ourselves.

Who has never felt a tense atmosphere when arriving at friends who had just argued and acted as if nothing had happened? If a house, a hotel, a business, an office… has bad imprints (suicide, murder, cruelty, miasma, memory of the walls, thought forms, hatred, negative projections…) all its occupants undergo this climate according to their sensitivity.

With the clearing of space, I will remove all these residues in order to create a better atmosphere in your place of life. 

Who doesn't want to be fully at home?


Animal communication

Communication what is it?

It is a silent exchange that takes place between humans and animals, it is an inter-species communication that takes place through the principle of telepathy, an ability that we all have. The animals communicate with us according to this mode but also between them. This telepathic contact is possible with ALL animals.

But how is it possible?

The first thing is to accept that it is possible that it is not a gift! Then follows a long process of learning this language, where it is essential to be silent in oneself in order to learn to listen and to perceive.



What animal communication can bring you:


• Know the physical and mental state of your pet

• Know your needs

• Know if he has a message for you

• Know if he needs to change anything in his food, lifestyle or other

• Know your desires

• Understand certain behaviors

• Help to work on traumas

• Prepare the animal for a change

• Accompany a sick animal

• Deceased animals

• The missing animals

• Help and advice in herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flowers, energy treatments

Remotely or on site.

Travel costs extra.


Lithotherapy advice

Stones have always been used here and elsewhere since they have many beneficial properties for both body and mind. The energy of the stones linked to their compositions is thus used to improve health, boost well-being and promote harmonious spiritual development.

With the help of a questionnaire and an energy balance, I will guide you in choosing the stones that suit you best as well as in their uses in order to help you harmonize the energies of your body and your living places.

I remind you that lithotherapy does not replace the medical treatments prescribed by vos  doctors. 

From a distance




Do you have unanswered questions?

Do you need guidance in your choices?

Love? Work? Family? What to do?

I offer you a guidance session with the tools of your choice (pendulum or oracle) in order to answer the questions you have or help you in your decision-making.

From a distance


30min at 45.-  or 1h at 80.-

Information request & Appointment booking

Would you like more information on one of my services and their process?

I suggest a discovery call to answer your questions.

Or you can directly make an appointment with me.

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