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For professionals

The services offered here are the same as for private individuals, with the exception of training. 

Feng-Shui - Accompaniment

The accompaniment takes place in several stages: the gathering of information, the appointment, and options that can be added.


Accompaniment allows you to receive express personalized expertise from a specialist as well as advice from an interior designer. This service will allow you to be trained and to have the ability to make the necessary changes yourself afterwards for your well-being and/or that of your employees.

You will also learn the orientations, colors and layouts that are most favorable for you in order to improve your daily life; as well as telluric disturbances and electromagnetic pollution which can have consequences on our health (electromagnetic waves, telluric networks, wifi,4G, 5G,..).

Of the 200.-

Feng-Shui- Analysis

An analysis allows you to go further than an accompaniment, and is carried out in three stages and two appointments.

It is a more advanced work which is deepened on plan.

The analysis includes these three steps: Feng-Shui, Geobiology and Clarification advice (cleaning the memory of the walls).

The Feng-Shui part of the analysis allows us to know ourselves better: which elements correspond to us, which orientations and decorations are best suited for our well-being. This analysis allows us to discover what our workplaces offer us and to see the problems.

It is a reflection and an art of living based on the fundamental principles of ancestral Chinese thought.

Geobiology takes into account geographical and telluric data: water and metals present underground.
It also reveals the location of electromagnetic waves, as well as geopathogenic points that can be harmful to our health.

As for Space Clarification, it will allow you to appropriate your place and rebalance the energy of your living space.

Of the 22.-/m2

Interior architecture

I am keen to support you in your projects. No matter the surface of your workspace, whether it's a restaurant, an office or a living room, I adapt my services according to your budget. Thus, you will be able to have a workspace that makes you want to get up every morning, and above all a pleasant and stylish reception area for your customers. 

In this service category, you will find:

- Decorating advice

- Summary preliminary draft

- Before detailed project

- Project study

- Work follow-ups

- Big project

On quote

Space clarification

Erase the memory of a place? Bring dynamism and energy to your workspace?

YES, this (and many other things) is made possible by energetic clearing also called space clearing.

Clarification acts as a bioenergetic cleaning that cleans all that our "engines" emanate and create as an agglomeration of energy deposits in our living and working spaces.

We constantly take on the residue of everything around us. The positive of course and fortunately! But also the negative such as anger, suffering, jealousy, conflicts, slander... In fact, we create and experience these phenomena ourselves.

Who has never felt a tense atmosphere when arriving at friends who had just argued and acted as if nothing had happened? If a house, a hotel, a business, an office… has bad imprints (suicide, murder, cruelty, miasma, memory of the walls, thought forms, hatred, negative projections…) all its occupants undergo this climate according to their sensitivity.

With the space clarification, we will remove all these residues in order to create a better working atmosphere in your place. 


Discovery Call

Would you like more information about one of my services and my working methods?

I suggest a discovery call to answer your questions.

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