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Interior architecture

I am keen to support you in your projects. Whether you live in a studio or a villa. I adapt my services according to your budget. So everyone is within reach of having an interior designer to rethink their living space.

Speed Déco

Lors d'une séance de 30 minutes en visio, je répondrais à toutes vos questions, je vous guiderais dans vos choix. C'est une offre faite pour ceux qui n'ont pas le temps, sont trop loin pour une séance en présentiel ou un petit budget. Vous avez pleins d'idées mais ne savez pas quel choix faire ou au contraire vous avez besoin d'être inspiré ? Ce service est fait pour vous. 

24h à 48h avant le rendez-vous afin de le préparer au mieux, je vous demanderais de me fournir photo de votre lieux, vous goûts par écrit ou par image ainsi que votre budget déco.


30.- la séance

Decoration advice

During a session of 1h30, I will answer all your questions, I will guide you in your choices. During this appointment, I will provide you with a mood board so that you have support for the rest of your decoration. I would also guide you on the stores for your future purchases.

150.- per session

APS - Summary preliminary draft

A little more advanced than decoration advice. I offer you with this service to rethink the layout of your interior. With first, an appointment to know your tastes, your desires and your budget. I would then offer you two to three mood boards. After validation of the furniture and accessories, I can, at your request, place the orders for you (a professional has discounts in certain stores). 

From 1'300.-

APS+ - Detailed preliminary design

A little further than the summary draft. In addition to the services already provided in the APS, you will have the creation of a scaled IT plan with the integration of furniture. The possibility of having a rendering 3D. Orders are automatically placed by me as well as delivery tracking. 

From 2'000.-

Project study

Project study is a preliminary step to an interior architecture project and not a decoration one. Here I will redesign your space. Make plans with different layout variants. I would also take care of calls for tenders in order to have all the necessary quotes for the work of your project. Authorizations and administrative points related to future works are also taken into account.

From 3'000.-

Work follow-ups

Once your project has been approved, work will begin. This service includes: work planning with the various trades as well as site monitoring.

From 2'100.-

Big Project

For projects exceeding a budget of 100'000.- another pricing is in place.

In large projects, a percentage is deducted from the total project budget. The number of hours of work is not the same as on small projects, but above all, the most important, the interior designer will manage the project from A to Z, from design to completion.

Between 10% and 15% on the total budget

Realization of plan

You don't have a map of your location? The ones you have are no longer relevant? Or the quality is bad?

With this service you will have updated plans made by computer and to scale. 

I can redraw it according to your current plan or come on site to take all the measurements.

The plan will then be sent to you in high quality PDF.

I can also provide you with the prints in the desired format. (Additional fees)


Request for information and quote

Would you like more information or a quote request?

I suggest a discovery call to answer your questions and identify your needs before establishing an estimate.

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