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Bath salt



Purifying - Relaxing - Regenerating

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, Lavender essential oil, Almond oil, rose and lavender. - 100ml

The benefits of Dead Sea salt: relaxing, anti-inflammatory, eczema, healing, detoxifying, exfoliating, moisturizing, tension regulator.

The benefits of Himalayan salt: rich in iron, detoxifying, purifying, regenerating, nutritious for the skin, healing, stimulates blood circulation.

The benefits of lavender essential oil: soothing, relaxing, anti-stress, against insomnia, eczema, osteoarthritis, rheumatism.

The benefits of lavender: relaxing, calming, against insomnia, healing, anti-stress.

The benefits of rose: relaxing, purifying, healing, softening, vitamin A / C / E.

The benefits of almond oil: restorative, nutritious, hydrates, vitamin A and E, omega 6 et 9, antioxidant.

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